It’s official. The popularity of engineered quartz has surpassed the appeal of natural stone and is now considered the industry standard by both homebuyers and homebuilders. Quartz surfaces are highly functional, design forward and constantly evolving to keep up with global trends.

According to KBIS (the mecca for all kitchen and bath designers), this year the leading trends are based on the popularity of cabinetry colours, the return to warmer shades, and the dominance of industrial-inspired design.  I thought I should see what all the excitement is about and headed to my design mecca, ICON Stone and Tile.

Visiting ICON is always the highlight in a long day of curated selections. With a freshly made cappuccino in hand, I sit down with Marie Luce to discuss not only what’s on trend for premium surfaces in 2019 but, where to source them. Originally from Montreal, Marie had been the cornerstone of Icon for the past decade bringing not only her vast knowledge of the industry but also her distinct flair for design. Working with all the major Architects, Custom Home Builders, and Interior Designers in Western Canada, she has established herself as the go-to tastemaker for trend forecasting.


While white cabinetry still remains the most popular colour scheme for kitchens, the appeal of darker cabinetry is gaining popularity especially incorporating the colour navy. Marie recommends Cambria to showcase the options best suited to compliment navy cabinetry. Cambria is known for being fashion forward and the leader in global trend spotting. What set them apart from the other suppliers, according to Marie, are their unique colour combinations and the movement captured within the products.






 | Parys | Rose Bay


Within the popularity of white kitchens, the shades are moving away from the crisp whites to the warmer shades of natural stone. The appeal of marble is timeless but with natural stone, there are certain limitations. ICON has curated an exclusive selection of premium quartz counters that successfully mimics the colour and movement of natural stone. The ICON collection of ten surfaces is nothing short of breathtaking. They capture the beauty of marble while offering all of the advantages of quartz.  Marie points out “Now you can have the look of natural stone without the imperfections, maintenance or limitations.” Working with classic materials allows for style fluidity, complimenting traditional to transitional to modern farmhouse design.


ICON: Vivacee | Marquina Noir | Valentino


The appeal of the industrial look is dominating the world of kitchen design. Matte black hardware, salvaged iron accents and rustic wood cabinetry were all the rage at KBIS. “Caesarstone is definitely the innovator for this design trend,” confirms Marie. Forecasting the industrial trend, in 2018 Caesarstone released the Metropolitan collection introducing 5 new designs. This collection features the rough touch and unpolished colours found within the industrial trend. These unique colours are inspired by oxidized steel, poured plaster and raw concrete. The matte surfaces with texture are a welcome change from the usual smooth highly polished norm.


Caesarstone: Exeara | Airy Concrete | Frozen Terra


Whether you are planning a new build or considering that much-needed renovation, the choices in engineered quartz are extensive. It is inspiring to see the range of colours, patterns and textures available in this premium material that is often the centre point of many colour scheme. Now is the time to see what all the buzz is about!

Visit ICON Stone and Tile showroom to see the newest collections of quartz, natural stone, tiles and plumbing fixtures.





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